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What is 3D Art and how is it important for Marketing?

Throughout the years and during the evolution of digital art, new terms have emerged to describe how artists would create visual masterpieces. Digital art has evolved from traditional hand painted artwork, especially in 3D definitions which can be seen with computer graphics technology. Similar to traditional drawing by hand, one can use a similar method on computers in order to arrange objects via photography on a screen. This is an entirely virtual environment where one might choose to see reflections or even do photo editing such as zooming and inverting images

The development of 3D design technology has facilitated communication between the physical environment and the creative vision and design purpose of designers across many disciplines. Recent technological developments allow designers to optimize in terms of performance and behavior in addition to gaining a photorealistic depiction of the design through simulation and analysis.  

Three-dimensionaI art, or 3D art is defined as art with all the dimensions of height, width, and depth. UnIike 2D art, it occupies greater physical space and can be viewed and interpreted from aII sides and angles. 3D artists use various materials manipulated into objects, characters, and scenes to produce these artworks.

3D design is a complex art, it actually has a lot in common with photography. In addition to the technical skill of modeling objects, 3D illustration requires a scene to place these objects within. Similar to photography, with 3D design you need to think about the shot angles, the lighting, and, most importantly, the scene composition of the work that you’re trying to create.

 Improving the user experience and interaction is a top priority for advertisers and marketing teams–be it for improving brand awareness or increasing conversion rates through their target audience. 3D ART therefore, has become increasingly popular in advertising and marketing campaigns due to the ease at which it allows manufacturers to intrigue, inform and engage with their audiences.

Why 3D illustrations are effective in Marketing

It provides you with High-Quality impressive visualization.

It modernizes your brand.

It gives you control over smaller details.

It enables you to separate marketing and production.

You can sell the experience and not just the product.

It’s easily scalable to fit your advertising needs.

It brings your ideas to life.

It improves your conversion rates.

It enables you to keep up with competitors and big retail.

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