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UI vs UX: Similarities and Differences

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are concepts that are closely related and frequently used interchangeably. However, they are distinct and have different terms. To define their relationship in simpler terms, UI and UX can be metaphorically described in terms of a restaurant. UI is the chair, table and silverware that are used to have your meal, while the UX is the ambience, the lighting, the service, i.e., the overall experience of the meal.  

Basically, the main purpose of both UI and UX is to ensure a positive customer experience. They work collaboratively to achieve the ultimate purpose. Let us take a detailed look into what the actual concept behind the two is:

What is UI?

Simply stated, user interface (UI) refers to any method of interacting with digital goods or services. This comprises touchscreens, buttons or icons to click on, mouse cursor, voice-user interface (VUI), etc. A more inclusive definition of user interface (UI) is "the look and feel, the presentation, and the interactivity of a product."  

One distinction between UI and UX is that, in contrast to UX, UI only pertains to digital media. All of a digital product or service's access and use mechanics are comprised of the user interface (UI). The languages of buttons and icons, color schemes and typography, images, layout, and intuitive design are all used by UI designers.

What is UX?

The internal experience a user experiences while utilizing a UI is known as UX. or, more precisely, when users use a UI to interact with a product or service. The user's experience and how simple it is for them to complete their work are of utmost importance when it comes to UX design. A good user experience is full of comfort, effectiveness, relevance, and enjoyment.

The term UX was coined by Don Norman, according to whom “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products”.  

Difference between UI and UX

Customer analysis
Customer analysis and user research
Deals with the website’s overall look and function
Deals with the overall feel and experience of website
Creating intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and interactive interfaces
Identifying and solving user’s problems
Fills the map with visual and interactive elements
Maps out a base of user’s journey
Specific to digital products and experiences
Can apply to any kind of product, service or experience

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