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What is web 3.0 and its Evolution?

From a static page just as an ad banner to interacting with billions of people around the globe to being an Independent immersive interface where users connect with a sigh of relief that their exploration in this ever-increasing ever- evolving sphere known as the WEB 3.0.

What is WEB 1

The first stage of the World Wide Web evolution

1991 to 2004.

Static pages. Just like a banner

What is WEB 2

2004 When the word Web 2.0  

participative social web

enhanced version of Web 1.0.

Dynamic content that is responsive to user input.

What is WEB 3

It's a powerful tool which can make the world a far better place and generate more opportunities for everyone on the internet.

6 main features that can help us define Web 3.0:

Semantic Web

improves web technologies in demand to create, share and connect content through search and analysis based on the capability to comprehend the meaning of words, rather than on keywords or numbers.

Artificial Intelligence

Can distinguish information like humans in order to provide faster and more relevant results.  

They become more intelligent to fulfill the requirements of users.

3D Graphics

Museum guides, computer games, e-commerce, geospatial contexts, etc. are all examples that use 3D graphics.


more connected thanks to semantic metadata

user experience evolves to another level of connectivity that leverages all the available information.


Content is accessible by multiple applications, every device is connected to the web, the services can be used everywhere.

Distributed Ledger Technology and Smart contracts

A virtually impossible to hack database

This is the technology which enables a trustless society by the integration of smart contracts which does not need to have a middle man to be guarantor to make that contract occur on certain cause it's based-on data from that DLT.

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