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Site architecture

The organization of the material on your website is referred to as its architecture. It entails structuring your material so that consumers can locate what they're seeking easily. For the best user experience, website architecture focuses on how various pages are connected and how the information is displayed. Users can sort through the ever-growing volume of online information with the aid of good website architecture.

However, it is significant for more than simply your users. Additionally, it aids search engines in more effectively surfacing relevant material from your website. Maintaining a logical and consistent site architecture will help you accomplish the objectives you set for the individual pages on your website; and provide your website's users with a wonderful user experience.

Steps for Site Arch Development:

Conduct a thorough keyword research

‚ÄćKeyword research analysis helps to understand how users flow through topics by exploring the types of information users look for. Taking into account their prior search history and browsing habits, we can recommend the content that is most likely to be viewed, helping you to re-use your content across multiple pages or product categories.¬†

Organize subjects and searches into pages depending on user and search intent

A search engine is a computer that receives queries from users and gives them answers.  When you want to succeed online, your content must be consumable. This means that based on user intent, a user can consume your article and get what he or she is actually looking for.  Therefore, if you want to succeed in the online world, it’s important that you create content that consumers are happy with. 

Creating CTA aligning with the purpose of each page

‚ÄćNow that you have assigned queries to intent and intent to pages, set a purpose for each page. This will be useful when creating a list of content that falls under the selected category and allows you to see how many results match each page.

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