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Blog Post Ghost Writing

Businesses of all types can use ghostwritten blogs to communicate their messages online in a way that is professional, but still preserves their unique voice. When business owners or managers try to produce blog posts themselves, they often lack the time or resources to do it well. This can lead to content that is half-hearted, rushed, or amateurish - which can be damaging to your brand.

Using a ghostwriter for your blog can help you avoid these problems and produce content that is enjoyable for readers and good for the internet as a whole. If you're looking for someone to help you with your blog content, look no further than Advist Global Blog Ghost Writers. We have the time, resources, and expertise to provide high quality content for your website.

We can help you position your brand and boost your business with organic traffic.

Collaborate with your Ghost Writer

Ideate and Plan Content Together

A successful business blog is all about communication. You need to share your vision and goals for the blog before any writing takes place. After the post is published, be open to feedback so you can make any necessary adjustments.

Give Examples

Having an example of the kind of writing you want to produce or the style of posts you want to emulate is crucial for any writer. It gives you a clear target to aim for and makes it easy to ask for help or give feedback if something isn't quite right.

Exchange Feedback

The goal of providing feedback is to help the writer create content that is useful for you and your business. It is important to be clear about what parts of the draft you liked, what didn't work, and why. You should also include suggestions on how the writer could improve the content.

Use a Content Brief

A content brief is like a recipe for blog posts. It tells the writer what ingredients to use, who the target audience is, and what the objective of the post is. Just like a recipe, a content brief helps to create more effective and useful content for your blog.

Why Choose Advist?

SEO takes persistence, planning, and patience to generate results. Our ghost blogging service can provide the skills and experience to make sure your efforts move your business in the right direction. So if you're not seeing the results you want from your blog, we can help!

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