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HYVE Poster Design

Case study


Our client is in need of a creative and impactful video for their Instagram account. This video is meant to serve as an introduction and showcase for their brand. One of the key elements of the video will be the representation of the "Hyve Bacteria". The client has expressed that the shape of the bacteria should be incorporated into the video, making it a central aspect of the overall design.Our goal is to create a video that will effectively convey the client's message and leave a lasting impression on their audience. The video should be visually appealing and memorable, allowing the client's brand to stand out on the Instagram platform


  • Time Management: To overcome the time constraint, a project timeline was created to efficiently allocate time for planning, execution, and review. This allowed us to stay on track and deliver the project within the allotted time frame.
  • Creative Challenges: To balance the client's references and sketches with our creative vision, we held creative brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas and concepts. This allowed us to present a variety of options to the client, while also incorporating their vision into the final product.
  • Technical Limitations: To overcome the technical limitations, we conducted thorough research on the technical requirements of the Instagram platform and optimized the video for different devices.
  • Incorporating the Hyve Bacteria Shape: To effectively incorporate the shape of the Hyve Bacteria, we explored various design options and worked closely with the client to ensure that the final design met their expectations.
  • Communication and Collaboration: To ensure effective communication and collaboration, regular meetings were held with the client to review progress and receive feedback. This allowed us to make any necessary adjustments and ensure that the final product met their expectations.

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