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Calabasas Shirt Illustration

Case study


The project involves creating a clothing line design featuring a castle with a garden entrance, a long tree-lined path, and a pool or water pound in the center. The main design will feature a man walking a white or brown horse that represents wealth and class. Another option is to have two white horses facing each other. The sky should be blue and sunny with the sun shining, instead of the moon, as seen in the "t-shirt design inspiration". On the back of the shirt, there will be single flowers by the side of the water pool, a small bird flying in the blue sky, and the brand name "CALABASAS" on top of the fountain.


Balancing creativity with design requirements: To address this challenge, our design team worked closely with the client to understand their vision and requirements for the clothing line design. Our designers utilized their artistic skills to create a visually appealing design that incorporated all the desired elements while still meeting the design requirements.

Ensuring accurate representation of the design elements: Our design team carefully studied the provided references, including the "t-shirt design inspiration," to ensure that all elements, such as the castle, the man riding a horse, the sun, the water pool, and the flowers, were accurately represented in the design.

Maintaining consistency in design style: To ensure consistency in design style, our design team used the "t-shirt design inspiration" as a guide and sought regular feedback from the client to ensure that the design met their expectations.

Capturing the brand name accurately: Our design team ensured that the brand name "CALABASAS" was prominently placed and accurately represented on the back of the shirt, as per the client's requirements.

Ensuring high-quality output: Our design team utilized the latest design software and techniques to create a high-quality, detailed, and visually appealing design that met the client's requirements.

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