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Building Illustration

Case study

About the Project:  

This project aims to create an eye-catching illustration design of our company headquarters building. The ideal candidate will have a background in illustration, drawing, and graphic design. The illustration should showcase the unique features of the building, including solar panels and parking spots, and be created in a style similar to the image on the Human website.

The final product should be in vector format, created in Illustrator with the ability to be edited in Photoshop if necessary. Reference materials such as an example image and a photo of the current HQ will be provided, with a focus on accurately capturing details such as the logo next to the front door.


  • Balancing artistic creativity with accuracy: To tackle this challenge, we worked closely with the company to gather all necessary information and reference materials. Our Illustrator then used their creative skills to translate this information into a visually appealing illustration while still accurately representing the building's features and details.
  • Adhering to the desired style: We attempted to achieve the desired style by having our Illustrator study the reference image on the Human website and use it as a guide. We also sought regular feedback from the company to ensure the style was in line with their expectations.
  • Incorporating all desired features: We worked with the company to understand their desired features and utilized our Illustrator's creative skills to seamlessly incorporate them into the illustration in a visually appealing way.
  • Ensuring vector format and editing capabilities: Our Illustrator utilized Adobe Illustrator to create the illustration in vector format, which allowed for easy editing in Photoshop if necessary. We also provided guidelines and tips to the company on how to make changes to the illustration in the future.
  • Maintaining attention to detail: To ensure accuracy and attention to detail, our Illustrator regularly reviewed reference materials and sought feedback from the company. They also took the time to carefully study the building's details, such as the logo and entrance, to ensure they were accurately captured in the illustration.
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