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Case study


Chams/Karim gave Advist Global the opportunity to enter the NFT world with his NFT project ‘THE SECRET SOCIETY XX COLLECTION’. He required the best illustration team for his NFT project. Initially, he hired our agency only for illustrations, but eventually he also handed over the auto-code, smart contract, website development, social media creatives and social media marketing to Advist Global as well.


As the name THE SECRET SOCIETY XX COLLECTION suggests, he didn’t wish to reveal the actual identity of any character. He wanted them to be creative, unique with 350 traits and also required 30 Mystic Rarity Score. We had to finish all this within a deadline of 20 days and the project was to go live in one month, i.e. 24th December.


Advist Global initially provided the client with a test job, which fulfilled the client’s expectations and they hired our illustration team for their project. We allocated 15 resources for the project, that included 5 designers, 1 blockchain webmaster, 3 social media content creators, 1 social media manager, 1 discord admin and 4 moderators. Below is the process we followed for the project.


The whole collection of 6,666 NFTs was sold out and the client was extremely happy with the result. He left us good feedback on UpWork and we celebrated our success by rewarding our team for their hard work.

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