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Case study


‘Tanzaniens’ is an NFT project that was driven by the values of women empowerment. The characters were driven by values of women empowerment, and were integrated with women fashion industry. The client wanted a unique collection which stood out of the crowd and represent the women’s strength and boldness.


The client wanted bold and strong female characters that represented the values of women empowerment. The characters needed to be inclined towards the fashion industry, had a unique art style, i.e. realism integrated with fantasy world. The collection had a trait count of almost 250-300 traits and each trait was to be unique in itself. The collection included 30 mythic characters, which were the most interesting to design. All the characters were unique and extremely detailed. The clothing traits were the most difficult to design but Advist’s team of experts left no stones unturned to create magic out of ordinary references.


To overcome the challenges, Advist Global team of illustrators used their expertise to design each and every character with taking inspiration from various fictional female protagonists that were an epitome of boldness and strength. Various trending clothing references were also made use of during the illustration process. The client was kept in loop at each and every step of the process. From sketching to coloring to cleanup, the client’s approval was taken at every step and the characters were designed as per client satisfaction.


The client is happy with the services provided by Advist Global designing team and we still receive active projects from their side. We are one of their trusted brands when it comes to NFT design and illustrations.

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