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Purple Heylo

Case study


Purple Heylo is the world’s first peer to peer video game trading, selling and purchasing app. At this ultimate gamer community, gamers can stream, chat, and enter paid tournaments. By purchasing an NFT, you become an early investor in a growing community. The client ‘Syron’ wanted NFTs made out of his logo itself.


The base character for this NFT collection was a Pig, which was modified into a more muscular character and popping colors were used in its designing. One of the major challenges was that the different clothing that he used for his characters were also his own merchandise. So they were to be made as such that they are appealing to the general audience as well. Another challenge was that the client, being new to the NFT industry, didn’t have much knowledge about the designs himself. So creating characters that aligned with his vision and looked visually appealing as well was difficult. To create a clear contrast between the popping colors and trait designs was also a challenge.


Advist Global team of experts understood the client’s expectations and perfectly curated NFTs that fulfilled the client’s expectations. The team coordinated with the client to understand his vision and also made him understand various design elements in layman language. The team created a proper contrast between the character’s popping colors and unique traits, and made sure that each and every element is properly highlighted.


The client is happy with the services provided by Advist Global designing team and we still receive active projects from their side. We are one of their trusted brands when it comes to branding.

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