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Nooob NFT

Case study


Nooob is the brainchild of creative web3.0 agency Advist Global. Aditya Srivastava, CEO, Advist Global, has a vision of building a community of young entrepreneurs, and this NFT represented exactly that. Nooob is also a clothing merchandise that aims to target the youth of today through their catchy designs.


The task was to develop a character that looked like a newbie, a nerd and stylish at the same time. The character was also supposed to not look goofy and that’s why designing the base character was the major challenge because there was no reference for the same. The next challenge was to define the trait list for the characters, since the characters were a mixture of various contrasting traits and they needed to be balanced in a way that the character looked visually appealing. Since there were multiple artists working on a single project, the team often clashed in terms of ideas, which made it difficult to maintain consistency in characters.


To overcome these challenges, the team of illustrators took inspiration from various childhood characters like Power Rangers, Marvel and Indian superheroes like Shaktimaan. Selection of mythic characters was also a challenge because everyone had different ideas and opinions. But coordination is the key to success and Advist Global team of illustrators, along with the CEO, ideated the reference points and inspirations together to develop beautiful mythic characters.


The NFT collection of 8,888 characters is set to launch soon, and the team is very proud of their achievement.

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