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Case study


Michael approached Advist Global with an idea for NFT collection, that was inspired by adventure sports. The client was in collaboration with a sports community and wanted to promote adventure sports through his collection and leverage it to build a community of sportspersons.


The idea to develop the collection was taken from 2 animals- Bull, which represented strength and Eagle, that represented Adventure, bravery and sharpness. Since the client was not from an art background, each and every element of the design was to be elaborated to the client. The collection had 200 traits and 20 mythic characters, all in a stylized design. Various realistic references were to be represented in vector form, and each and every element had be designed keeping in mind the proportions.


The client was kept in loop at every step of the process of the design. The color scheme was selected from the natural elements and real world references were stylized and developed in our own format.


The client is happy with the services provided by Advist Global designing team and we still receive active projects from their side. We are one of their trusted brands when it comes to NFT design and illustrations.

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