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Based Buddha

Case study


Valde approached Advist Global with an NFT design on Buddha. The collection was based on the idea of spirituality, and that is why he needed spiritual elements like forest, meditation, hills, and so on.


The client needed a full body NFT with a base on which the character will be sitting. It was a challenge because it was the first time we were doing an illustration as such. The various clothing elements like dresses and robes were inspired from Asian culture, and the backgrounds had an intricate scenery made with a psychedelic effect in it. The collection comprised of 100 traits and 5 mythic characters. One of the major challenges that we faced was the positioning of hands, because they were shown holding weapons and the placement had to be such that it does not overlap the other traits.


To fulfil the clients’ expectations, we took inspiration from many old buddha paintings wherein he was meditating peacefully under a tree. To highlight the spirituality and mindfulness of the collection, we used bright and lustrous colors in the various elements of character designs. The client was kept in loop at each and every step of the process. From sketching to coloring to cleanup, the client’s approval was taken at every step and the characters were designed as per client satisfaction.


The NFT collection of 10,000 characters was launched as a major hit in the market. The client is happy with the services provided by Advist Global designing team and we still receive active projects from their side. We are one of their trusted brands when it comes to NFT design and illustrations.

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