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Case study


Devin is one of those clients who was very fun to work with and was very open minded to design approach. The client was from Australia and that was the inspiration for the NFTs as well. He wanted to show the culture and places of Australia. And wanted to emphasis on the sports as well.


One of the major challenges that we faced while working on this NFT was to create designs that were unique so that the NFT is sellable universally, and was able to relate with the Australian people as well. So we decided to approach the characters with a fun cartoon character design.


One thing that we always kept in mind while designing these characters was to embed Australian elements and culture in the designs. Most of the assets in the NFTs were Australian backgrounds, clothing and accessories.


The whole collection of 8,888 NFTs was sold out and the client was extremely happy with the result. He left us good feedback on UpWork and we celebrated our success by rewarding our team for their hard work.

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