Nooob is the brainchild of creative web3.0 agency Advist Global. Aditya Srivastava, CEO, Advist Global, has a vision of building a community of young entrepreneurs, and this clothing merchandise represented a community of young artists with street style T-shirt designs. The brand also has an NFT collection.


One major challenge that we came across while developing Nooob Shopify website was that the whole website had to be customized as per Nooob’s brand guidelines. Merchandise had to be classified into different categories and set up on website accordingly.


Our approach to design a website is simple:

  1. Develop a wireframe and get it approved,
  2. Sample web design on Figma and
  3. Development of the website, which includes animation and prototyping of the website. We developed the shopify website in a way that it eased the user’s experience. The website was customized as per Nooob’s colors, typography and branding. The designs were youth oriented, and pop.


Nooob is a brand to represent the community for the new age India, and a website that sells merchandise for the youth of today.

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