Society has more than often seen jewelry synonymous with women, and men buying and wearing jewelry is a sensitive aspect in the world of fashion. Chaind is one of the brands that we perceived from UpWork. As the name suggests, the brand has developed men’s chains as a symbol of fashion, comfort, and care for the men around us. And to add to it, these chains come with a lifetime warranty at an affordable price. The brand is set out to create and set out a range of men’s jewelry that doesn’t go soft. They are set out to establish a fashion statement in a world that focuses on personal brand, appearances and character.


While working on the project, we encountered various challenges. From developing an acceptable brand identity to successful implementation of the designs of the product line, we worked upon designing the brand guidelines in a way that the product exerts an emphasis on the audience, letting them relate with the product and develop a fashion statement of their own.


We worked upon designing the brand guidelines using matte colors and incorporating minimal style to give a luxurious feel to the brand identity. Usage of stylized font and illustrations was avoided to keep the designs simple and elegant, just like the products offered by the brand. The major focus was to stress upon the lucidity of the brand and highlight the products at the same time.

The brand nature needed to be very consistent. Every aspect of the design follows the brand nature and creates a harmony on overall look.


The client is happy with the services provided by Advist Global designing team and we still receive active projects from their side. We are one of their trusted brands when it comes to branding

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