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Studio On Rent

Our studio offers the perfect setting for your next project. With the ability to adjust the lighting to fit your needs, you'll be able to create the perfect ambiance. In addition, the studio's sound quality is impeccable, thanks to the variety of high-quality microphone options available. And if you don't have your own camera, don't worry! The studio has a selection of 4k cameras that you can rent.

Our Services

Employee and team photos
Product photos
Video podcasts
Online events
Video courses
Interview videos


Why Choose Advist?

Advist Global has a full-service video and photography studio in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The studio is built for high-quality audiovisual production to match your brand. The studio can be rented as studio-only, or with new professional video and photography equipment, or even with experienced videographers and photographers. If you want, you can also get the editing as a service.

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