What is branding ?

What is branding ?

What is Branding?

If you own a business, you must have come across this term- ‘branding’ a lot of times. When it comes to the growth of any company, branding is the most essential tool. It is important for all the companies and all the businesses, be it small, medium, or big unicorn companies.  A brand is the face of any company. And just like how makeup is used to make any face look prettier, branding is done to enhance and make a company’s image look better. Branding is like decor to a plain wall, colours to a blank canvas, flavours to a bland dish, and makeup to a face. 

Without branding, a company can survive, but it will be super difficult for it to grow and spread its wings and fly.  It is used to show the company’s vision, motto, values, and concepts. It ensures that these values and concepts are known to not only the clients and the target audience, but also to the staff and the employees of the company. It helps the customer to know your products and services better and know exactly what they should expect from you.

Why Branding?

Branding and competing in a market is like a game of chess, one wrong move and can ruin the brand’s image. That is exactly why branding is important and critical. Branding for a product or any company helps to develop its image in the market. It builds an image that can communicate itself and speak for itself. It makes an identity for the product or the company. It helps to elevate the company’s image during a brand audit. It positions a brand in the market. 

How to brand?

Building a brand image is not so easy. The company has to invest and engage in a lot of activities, follow a lot of steps and processes. There are a few pointers to kick-start branding for a company. 

Design an attractive logo-

A logo is the first impression of your company after its name. A good well-designed classy logo can speak how smart the company is. It is important for building a brand image. This is the photo that will get imprinted into the minds of the audience when they think about your company or remember its name. 


A tagline is very important for branding. It puts forth the company’s motto, concept, vision, and values. It portrays the ideas the company believes in. A good, attractive, catchy tagline is necessary for branding and building a strong company image.

Public Relations-

One of the most important steps in the brand building process is maintaining a good relationship with the target audience. By engaging in PR campaigns, the company can make the customers trust in them. It shows how genuine and trustworthy the company is and how much it cares for its own employees and customers. 

Design and Visuals-

The theme and design of the company say a lot about it. For a good brand image, it is necessary for a company to pick a theme that coordinates with its product and goes well with the logo design. These designs are like the extended versions of the logo. The design includes websites, magazines, and tabloids, or basically wherever the product can be displayed. 

Content Writing-

Writing content or a copy for your product shows to the customer what exactly are they getting their hands on. Good content includes a detailed product description, its uses, and perhaps in an indirect way a reason for the customers to buy it.

Social Media-

Social media has perhaps become one of the strongest branding tools. With technology advancing and almost every business going online, the internet has become a big market. Social media is just not used to post about the social life of the people anymore, it can also be considered as a platform to showcase the product so that it can reach to a maximum amount of target audience. Unlike the olden times where we had to pay a lot to brand the products in the newspaper or on radio and magazines, this is perhaps a very cost-efficient way as it can also be done with zero capital investment too. 

These were some of the plans for building a brand. However, sometimes, the process is not as smooth as we expect it to be. Building a brand can sometimes get challenging. The company has to face challenges like- 

- Competition and pressure of pricing

- The proliferation of competition in the industry/vertical

- Market fragmentation due to media/communication andadvertising

- Complex brand strategies and relationships with the consumers

- Pressure to changing strategies often

- Resistance to innovation

- Pressure to invest in other verticals

- Pressure for short term monetary gains


Overcoming these challenges is difficult, but once you overcome these, you definitely come up with a stronger built brand. 

For any business, the brand is the most important part. The brand is the personality of the product that makes it unique and distinguishable from the competitors. Branding helps in growing business by increasing the visibility of the product in the market and thus it helps in making the product easily recognizable by the targeted customers. With the help of branding, the company can create a positive image of their product in the minds of the customers, and thus it can help in increasing the revenue of the company.

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