Social Media- the best marketing tool

Social Media- the best marketing tool

If you read our earlier post from yesterday, we had talked about all the necessary blogging tools. Now let us talk about the marketing tools. One tool in specific- the Social Media. 

There was a time when TV was used to advertise and brand, along with radio and newspaper, and social media like Facebook was only used for social amusement and connection. Today the whole table has been turned. Social media today like Instagram and Facebook and other networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat have become one of the most important tools that are used to brand, market, or advertise anything. From small businesses to unicorn and multi-billion companies, everyone has their accounts on social media where they put their content, products, reviews; basically anything related to their company. This is a great tool when you want to show off your content or product to the world. 

In one of our earlier blogs on the website, titled- ‘4 must-see TedTalks to help you in marketing’, which was posted on August 30th, we had shared a link to a TED Talk by Rachel David, a popular YouTube and Instagram personality, entitled- “How Influencers Have Transformed Modern Marketing.” In this particular TED Talk, Rachel talked about how the face of marketing has changed with the introduction of Social Media as a marketing tool. She talked about how social media and YouTube Influencers have changed the branding process and how they are being used to brand products and earn money. 

More than a marketing tool, social media has become more of a business tool. It is one of the most powerful ways to reach a maximum amount of targeted audience. Social Media has the power to make any content viral overnight. It is the best way for brands to interact with their audience and to know what they would actually prefer. 

One of the most professional features of social media marketing is paid promotions and boosting your content so that it reaches the maximum number of people. Enabling this paid feature will make sure that your post is viewed by people looking for similar content. It will promote your posts in form of ads and suggestions. 

These social media marketing strategies are supported by other tools. For example- Buffer is a platform of social media management tools, which can help you achieve success with your social media marketing.

By using Social Media Marketing, your presence in the market gets acknowledged more and your reach enhances. Social Media also strengthens brand perception by communicating core values to a wider audience.

Social media has come into the world of marketing as a blessing. It adds an extra flavour to the already unicorn brands and acts like an all-spice for the small businesses and helps them grow more and more. 

Let’s take at some of the pros and cons of the social media marketing. 


It is budget-friendly. It does not cost as much as other marketing tools. Social Media is actually free to use for personal use but it also has paid features like promotion. These business tools are really affordable and help you to expand your business. 

It gives exposure to the brand to a wider platform with a larger audience from not just a small region but from all over the world. This nature of social media of connecting the world together really helps to spread the wings of the company internationally. 

Social Media creates an authentic audience with whom you can interact personally and create connections. These connections created brand loyalty between the customers and the brand. It increases the conversation rate between the audience. 

It provides marketplace insights. Social Media Marketing enables you to closely monitor how your audience behaves towards your brand. 


Social Media is time investive. Maintaining an interactive social media presence is a painstaking and time-consuming process. 

Social Media is prone to security breaches and hacks. 

A single wrong move can ruin the image of your brand. This is one of the major drawbacks of social media marketing. If even a single mistake is done, it will take a lot of effort and a long period of time to make it alright again. 

Social media is an amazing tool. Its pros out-balances its cons. It is the best way for a small business to expand. 

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