4 must-see TedTalks to help you in marketing

4 must-see TedTalks to help you in marketing

A lot of times we come across a few TedTalks that blow our minds away; Pass a shock of motivation through our spines. Help us get out of tough times and give us hope. Well, today we have for you a few amazing TedTalk that will make you feel the same way about your business. Motivate you and help it grow.

#1 “There is No Luck. Only Good Marketing.”- By Franz Schrepf at TEDxAUCollege

We all come across a time where we feel we are stuck, not motivated enough, and feel like our company has just gotten hit by a big iceberg and is about to sink down. We feel as if there’s nothing more to the company. Like we are just waiting for a miracle to happen, or luck to change our lives.  

Well, Franz Schrepf is here to tell you that just what you need to hear. He is an MSc graduate in Marketing Management and is now the Co-founder & CEO of Tick Done., which is a venture-backed instant knowledge-sharing platform. 

Posted on April 27, 2015, the TedTalk is all about how the industry of marketing has no luck or miracle, it is only your efforts and dedication that will help you become successful. 

#2 “12 secrets of marketing and you won't believe what happens next”- By Naimul Huq at TEDxUNC

Naimul Huq is an analytics and data, science leader. He has over a period of ten years of agency experience, from working with top global brands on digital marketing and public relations strategies. If you feel that you might have fallen somewhere while you planned marketing and branding strategies for your company, don’t worry, Naimul is here to guide you through it. This 13-minute video which was posted on April 10, 2015, will teach you 12 plans for marketing your company. 

While giving the TedTalk, he talks about how a change in the traditional methods of marketing is needed with more and more data as our world is running with data. The incomprehensible amount of data has completely revolutionized today’s marketing strategies. The data today is in abundance and easily accessible. In the talk video, we are able to see a number of examples that came from some real actual marketing campaigns. 

#3  “How Influencers Have Transformed Modern Marketing”- By Rachel David at TEDxVancouver

In this TEDx video, posted on March 19, 2019, Rachel David, a popular YouTube and Instagram personality, with over 21 thousand followers, talks about how influencers have a strong impact on modern marketing and how the marketing strategies have changed with the changing social media trends. She talks about how social media and YouTube influencers are used to brand a product and how these influencers earn their money. She talks in detail about the tricks and tips of modern marketing. Rachel David is also the president and CEO of Hashtag Communications. Rachel has more than 10 years worth of corporate experience working in the media industry. Today she is a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences.

If you are looking for marketing strategies and branding by using social media platforms, this might be the perfect TEDx video for you. 

#4 “ Marketing Without Advertising”- By Manu Kumar Jain at TEDxIIFTDelhi

Manu Kumar Jain is the Global Vice President at Xiaomi Global and also the Managing Director at Xiaomi India. He is also one of the founders of India’s first-ever fashion & lifestyle e-commerce portal known as Jabong.com. In his TEDx talk, posted on January 31, 2017, he talked about how in his young age days, marketing had to be done by TV ads and on other platforms like radio, newspaper, etc. 

He talks about how today, marketing can easily be done without advertising, using the internet. It has become more efficient. It costs less and is also easy and less time-consuming. Many costs are cut like production etc. 

In his talk, he also gives real examples of companies like Alibaba and its marketing strategies. 

If you are an old business owner and want to learn new ways to market, this might just be the video for you. 

These amazing, eye-opening TEDx videos are hand-picked for you to learn everything you need to learn about modern marketing and branding to not only continue being in this game but also step up and achieve more. 

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