Case Study

4KL is a clothing brand based in Los Angles, USA. Angela,
the founder of 4KL wanted a T-shirt design based upon the
reference she collected from the internet. The specific style
was to attract the pop culture audience.


Creating story driven artwork on one illustration.

Stage 1. Creating Moodboard

At this very first stage we’ll create a mood board as per the client references or concept and arrange all of the things related to the illustration. we can use different types of references like real life photography to digitally created designs. Whatever gives you the inspiration to create the illustration.

Stage 2. Draft Sketch

At this stage, we made research, collected references and analyzed them. The first sketch was made frontal as at this phase it was important to catch the idea, the sequence of scenes and plot while the composition could be worked out later.

Stage 3. clean up sketches

After figuring out the base composition of the illustration we move on with the final draft of the sketch and complete the sketch with proper clean lineart.

Stage 4. Color

After setting up the composition and appearance of the illustrations, We will move on to the hardest part which is choosing the color aesthetic and give mood and life to the illustration.

Stage 5. Adding final details

After setting up the base color on the illustration we’ll move on to adding up seondary colors and add final details on the components on the illustrations. Which is the most important part of the process.


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