Aeriyfy is a services based startup that came up with idea of disinfecting houses & offices spaces during the pandemic period of COVID-19. Team advist was given the task to manage the social media for the brand. We came with the idea of using illustration to explain about the brand since we there was no real pictures & videos for the brand. Also it was impossible to take any picutres or make videos due to lockdown in the country due to pandemic. Hence illustration was the best and good to go solution and we started illustrating the concepts explaining what aeriyfy is and how the brand can help to keep you safe.

Google Sheet Calendar


We synced the monthly calendar with google sheet and mention the important information like - date, time of posting, day, time artwork, platforms, caption, hashtags & perfomance. 

This provided the flexibility to the client to review the monthly calendar provided by us and approve for posting. 

Making the monthly calendar and syncing it to the google sheet make it a lot easier to look what is scheduled to be posted and when, all with all the important at once place.

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